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The Black Heritage Trail - Columbus, Georgia  

Established in 1828 as a trading post to strengthen the western border of Georgia, Columbus was the last frontier town of the thirteen colonies.  Tough men and women settled the region. Some of them went voluntarily and some had no choice.  They went where they were told to go and did what they were told to do... These men and women grew with the city, changed with the times, and established their rights.

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The Ma Rainey Home, Columbus Georgia The Ma Rainey Home
First African Baptist Church, Columbus Georgia First African Baptist Church
Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.), Columbus Georgia Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.)
Claflin School, Columbus Georgia Claflin School
Metropolitan Baptist Church, Columbus Georgia Metropolitan Baptist Church
Restored Train Station, Columbus Georgia Restored Train Station
Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.), Columbus Georgia Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.)
Old City Jail, Columbus Georgia Old City Jail
Friendship Baptist Church, Columbus Georgia Friendship Baptist Church
Liberty Theatre Columbus Georgia Liberty Theatre
William Spencer High School, Columbus Georgia William Spencer High School
Porterdale Cemetary, Columbus Georgia Porterdale Cemetary
Old Slave Cemetary, Columbus Georgia Old Slave Cemetary
Fifth Avenue School, Columbus Georgia Fifth Avenue School
Mildred L. Terry Library, Columbus Georgia Mildred Terry L. Library
Fourth Street Baptist, Columbus Georgia Fourth Street Baptist
The Spencer House, Columbus Georgia The Spencer House
Columbus Urban League, Columbus Georgia Columbus Urban League
Brick Streets Laid by Slaves, Columbus Georgia Brick Streets Laid by Slaves
First Interracial Law Firm, Columbus Georgia First Interracial Law Firm
Primus King, Columbus Georgia Primus King
The Springer Opera House, Columbus Georgia The Springer Opera House
Dr. Thomas Brewer Assasination Site, Columbus Georgia Dr. Thomas Brewer Assasination Site
Site of First Silent Store, Columbus Georgia Site of First Silent Store
Temperance Hall, Columbus Georgia Temperance Hall
Shady Grove Baptist Church, Columbus Georgia Shady Grove Baptist Church
City Mills, Columbus Georgia City Mills
Kinfolks Corner, Columbus Georgia Kinfolks Corner
Dillingham Bridge, Columbus Georgia Dillingham Bridge

The Black Heritage Trail - Strength, Faith, Focus, Commitment, Perserverance.

Dispersed throughout uptown Columbus, Georgia, the eight miles of The Black Heritage Trail reminds visitors that the human spirit reaches into the past and, with lessons learned firmly planted in her memory, endeavors to inspire hope for the future.          Read more

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